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I am a Mumbai based Female voice actor and do voice overs and dubbing in Hindi and English. I am very comfortable in giving my voice for all kinds of voiceover work.

Sample Voices
  • English - India
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  • Elearning
  • Hindi
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  • Advertisement
  • English - India
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Hindi - Hinglish, Hindi - North India, Hindi - Eastern UP, Bihar, English - India


Narrator, Instructor, Spokesperson, Announcer, Host, Storyteller, Child, Elderly, Characters, Demonstrator, Farmer, Banker, Action Star, Boss, Business Executive, Doctor, Gangster, Kid, Lawyer, Motivational speaker, Scientist, Professor, Robot, Salesperson, Student, Teacher, Teenager, Tourist, TV Host, Wizard, Zombie


Conversational, Friendly, Professional, Angry, Animated, Authoritative, Calm, Emotional, Excited, Exhausted, Happy, Humourous, Inspirational, Monotonous, Mysterious, Qwirky, Robotic, Warm, Child-like, Aged, Aggressive, Amusing, Annoying, Approachable, Attentive, Awkward, Believable, Bold, Bossy, Brave, Bubbly, Caring, Cartoon, Casual, Comforting, Commanding, Concerned, Confused, Dangerous, Deep, Defeated, Demonic, Educational, Energetic, Engaging, Evil, Exotic, Fast Paced, Frightened, Funny, Heroic, High Energy, High Pitched, Hysterical, Informative, Intimidating, Low Pitched, Mature, Melodramatic, Mischievous, Natural, Panicky, Persuasive, Political, Reassuring, Relatable, Relaxed, Retro, Romantic, Royal, Sad, Sarcastic, Scary, Scientific, Serious, Shy, Sick, Sincere, Submissive, Sympathetic, Technical, Terrified, Thoughtful, Timid, Tired, Uncomfortable, Worried


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