With The Ascent Of Otts, Are We Moving Towards A Decline Of The Good Old Cable Television?

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  • 25-Jul-2022
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India has had televisions in every home for years. For as long as anyone can remember, a family's television set served as its sort of center. Even if the shows weren't their favorites, the family would gather in front of the television to watch them together. For a very long time, television served as the main form of entertainment in Indian homes and it has a significant emotional significance. Exactly when was the last time you watched television?

The novel alternative that is currently on the rise and bringing television entertainment to screens in people's pockets is called over-the-top (OTT) casting fresh actors, writers, and voice over talents. In this day of rapid technological advancement, people are more aware of the costs associated with the services they purchase. OTT allows users to watch movies and TV shows online without having to pay for cable television. In India, OTT platforms are rapidly dominating the country's entertainment business.

The Global pandemic has also dramatically impacted the traditional form of enjoyment for many of us. People consider their options and select the best one. Television has definitely declined as a result of the increase in demand for online and diverse material.

You have the choice to view the movies and TV shows you want whenever it's convenient for you thanks to OTT services. Even though the vast majority of people in the nation watch television, there is a major shift towards OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. With the advent of OTT, the demand for professional Hindi narrators is increasing as OTT producers are constantly looking for fresh talent for movies and web series.

OTT is expanding more than ever. The environment has never been better for the development of over-the-top (OTT) video streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon, and many others thanks to quick video streaming, increased internet bandwidth, and also the talented artists whether the actors, writers, or voice over artists. The amount of internet data used each minute has decreased as well. A two-and-a-half-hour movie used to take up 1GB of data to broadcast at 360p quality. These days, a 480p version of the same movie may be downloaded for 800MB. As a result, quality has increased and data usage per minute has decreased. Now, people can view two movies while using just 1.5 GB of internet.

The different ways how OTT has turned the tables of good old cable TV:

  1. Play, Pause, Rewind, Forward: When compared to television, OTT services provide the viewer a lot more discretion over what they watch. The amount of content consumed is entirely up to the viewer.
    The spectator is no longer constrained by time slots because the video feed is streamed online. The continuation of their favorite series is no longer a concern for viewers thanks to OTT services.
  2. One place for all Content: OTT platforms offer a wide range of regional and worldwide content in comparison to DTH cable services. Numerous programs are broadcast at the same time they would in the host nation.
    Customers of OTT frequently use mobile devices to watch content from various sources. even while on vacation, standing in queue at the shop to watch their favorite actor, writer, or voiceover artist. It is common to find Bollywood movies in multiple regional languages thanks to
    quality dubbing services through professional agencies.
  3. Pocket Friendly: When you can get six movie channels for the price of one, it seems wasteful to pay for them. The idea of creating custom packs and picking channels has evolved thanks to OTT services. The price of all content on OTT platforms is the same as the cost of their subscription plans. The future of online Video-on-Demand (VOD) platforms appears promising as data packs and internet services become more affordable.
  4. Feedback: The way viewers and consumers interact with their favorite shows has been transformed by OTTs. TRPs are not the only metric used by content creators and scriptwriters. In fact, by studying audience involvement, they may enhance their material. Comments, viewership, viewer likes, and dislikes provide qualitative feedback. Some OTTs also have chat rooms where viewers may converse, increasing interest in the program or film.
  5. Quality of Experience: Online video viewers anticipate broadcast-quality content. They want the OTT service to function exactly like Indian television, where you can switch it on, sit down, and it "just works." Additionally, OTT offers private viewing areas free from interruptions from family members or movie theater patrons. And the quality of content has also been improved - talented voice over artists are getting the chance to outshine.

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