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  • 14-Oct-2021
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When video marketing came into existence brands and corporate reaped their benefits to the fullest. Using colorful images combined with catchy slogans brands pushed up their products and services. But those are the things of the past, nowadays, brands need to cultivate connections with the audiences at emotional levels to thrive. The need to create content that engages people and makes an emotional contact gave birth to the idea of brand anthem videos.

Quick question what is common in a great book, movie, and powerful song? Well, it’s the impact they have on us. They are strong enough to evoke a plethora of emotions and remain as same in our minds for a very long - long time. And that’s the power a brand anthem videos pack.

Engaging Brand anthem videos are a great way to connect with your customers and instigate them by focusing on what the brand is all about rather than what they sell. It highlights the ethics, morals, values, passion, etc., of the brand clarifying the vision with which the brand was built. It is more like a declaration about why the brand exists. Don’t get it mixed up with commercials or explainer videos. Unlike commercial and explainer videos focusing on what is it brand anthem videos answer why is it. A good brand anthem video, in addition to imagery and slogans, also includes brand music or song and an abstract voice-over to humanize the brand itself. It derives emotions from the viewers be it –  existing or potential customers, employees, partners, investors, or anyone else. While animation videos with quality animation voice over for marketing are gaining importance, brand anthem videos are different and have their own strategic place in corporate branding.

Every organization – be it any, corporation and brand need and deserve to showcase the reasons why they stand out from the rest. And brand anthem videos are just the thing for it. These astonishing videos not only set you apart from the crowd but also benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. Let’s have a look at some:-

Increased customer reach:

A great brand anthem strikes emotions and emotions are the key factors behind making purchases. Once your brand anthem resonates with your customers, they start sharing it with their network expanding your audience reach and more likely providing you with a huge number of potential customers. If people relate to your video, it generates interest in your company, creates new connections not only with audiences but also with potential employees who share the same values as your company.

Conversation Starter:

Since anthem videos are more focused on driving emotions and deriving connections, they can be of great value in stirring up a conversation about your brand. They allow you to take the initiative and strike a thought in the people’s mind and thereafter in no time there is chatter about your anthem video and brand everywhere. This outcome helps you create an image of an interactive brand and adds to your trustworthiness.

Great shelf-life – Better brand recall:

A brand anthem video has a greater shelf-life than any other form of marketing or advertising. By focusing more on ethics and not the deliverables your brand anthem videos can live for long on all advertising/marketing channels be it – social media, YouTube, or your website. Furthermore, it can be used as a morale booster in later years or just a part of reminiscence to give nostalgia to your audience and customers making them reconnect with your brand. 

Brand anthem videos have a massive impact on your brand’s overall persona. That’s why while creating a brand anthem video it is of immense value to humanize your brand and it’s only then your audience can connect with it. Human voice-overs are the greatest way of doing so. Using professional voice-over artists along with a great written script is more than just a recommendation. Voice-overs are important to represent your brand as a living and breathing person. A person with emotions and feelings like care, worries, enthusiasms, happiness, etc. Voice-overs allow you to show these emotions and empower your brand anthem. People like being a part of something that cares what they care about, worries, and takes steps to change that worries them, voice-overs in the brand anthem video are a great way of showing the humanitarian and humane side of your brand.

Of course, it’s not easy to make a brand anthem video, it requires a lot of thought, scripting, then scratching everything and doing it all over again until you find something that has some resonance in it.  And on top of that find out a perfect voice artist to be the voice of your brand can be daunting. Well, we are here to ease this up. At Voyzapp, we have the largest collection of professional voices in multiple languages and accents. Our pro-voice experts are masters with years of work experience in different genres and niches of the voice industry. We can surely help you find the right voice to fuel your brand anthem video with and skyrocket the impact.

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