Voyzapp introduces Premium Membership Plans for Customers

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  • 13-Nov-2021
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We all are gradually moving into a voice-activated world, everything that surrounds us is slowly being added with voice features. Voices have been used since the beginning but which voice is suited to which situation, character, etc., well that’s where it gets tricky. Finding the right voice for your project is an arduous job. Searching through various platforms and running from studio to studio adds up to this. If your voice requirement is niche-specific then it's more like an added labor. Even if you find one after days of the hunt into the wilderness of voice-over, the project budget is not allowing you to hire the artist.

Well, not anymore, because Voyzapp has launched its subscription plans that enable every customer to find the most suitable voices for their projects at the most competitive prices, with added discounts for subscription holders. Voyzapp – the largest online voice marketplace of India has recently launched its customer exclusive subscription plans that provide customers not only the value for money but also with added assistance and help from finding the voice to recording and finishing it to your satisfaction.

Voyzapp has a plethora of voices available for you to explore and choose from, in addition to that it also has niche-specific voices that can further reduce the time taken to find the ONE for your project. As the festivals are lurking around the corner, Voyzapp is also offering hefty discounts on voice-overs but for subscribers, it's much more. Subscribers are entitled to additional discounts on top of the existing ones. So, it’s a double bonus deal.

Ok, here are the details about the subscription categories, services provided, and the additional discounts available to each subscription category.

Let’s start with a Basic subscription plan – It’s a 3 monthly plan for ₹ 499 in which you get –

  • 4% additional discount, (over existing ones) No Capping.
  • Additional Review period for you to be satisfied with work.
  • Access to thousands of professional voice talents.
  • Limited assistance to offline voice talent shortlisting.
  • Can filter your search by language, category, age, and gender.
  • Escrow payment protection.
  • Limited access to handpicked voice talent recommendations.
  • Tax invoicing in the dashboard.
  • Access to voice-over resources.
  • Email and chat support.


With a Standard plan of ₹699 for 6 months, you get all the benefits of the basic plan with –

  • 5% additional discount.
  • Additional Review Period (Extra days than the Basic Plan)
  • Premium phone support for all your queries.


Exclusive deal is the PRO plan, it’s a one-year subscription plan for ₹999 and is the value for money plan. It includes all the services of the other two plans with some added benefits –

  • Additional discount rate is 10%.
  • Maximum review period
  • Unlimited assistance in offline shortlisting of voice talents.
  • Unlimited handpicked recommendations.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Dedicated client – voice actor engagement for long-term projects.
  • Custom quotes for bulk projects.


You can find the details of the subscription plans by following the link – Customer Membership-Voyzapp.

Did I mention all these discounts are additional, added on top of the existing offers? Ok,

Voyzapp has introduced these customer membership plans to make the premium voices available and accessible to everyone at subsidized rates. Voyzapp has transformed the voice-over marketplace with its new and innovative approach, not only for its customers or people looking for voice talents but also for the voice artists. By providing an online platform Voyzapp has successfully brought out some of the best voice talents of the country.

Shopping for “Voices” through Voyzapp enables you to focus more on your work and not worry about finding the correct voices, negotiating the prices, and then constantly calling and checking if the work has been recorded. With a subscription to Voyzapp, you not only have access to some of the world-class voice talents in multiple languages and accents but also get heavy discounts, priority support and artists’ recommendations. In addition to that Voyzapp has the best turnaround time with quality recordings.

So, wait no more, look no further, work on your projects, get the script ready, Voyzapp will help you find the most professional voice actor that brings your ideas and words to life. Enhancing the impact and effectiveness of your written materials. Subscribe to VOYZAPP now. With the festival season being up and around, get your crispy scripts, ads, and marketing ready and with Voyzapp’s membership plans you can make them astonishing.

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