Voyzapp Featured by The Hindi as a Niche Platform for Voice Artists/Actors

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  • 16-Mar-2020
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In today’s digitalised world, every brand is trying to create an impact in the minds of its users. And voice overs have become an integral part of marketing and advertising campaigns of almost all of the top brands. Because voice over industry offers numerous opportunities in the field of television, radio, theatre and films, it has become a lucrative option for youngsters and professionals as a career option. But how does one become successful in an industry full of tight deadlines, delayed payments and tough competition? To overcome this conundrum, Voyzapp is streamlining this fragmented voice over industry by giving the right platform and exciting opportunities to voice actors.

By providing new projects and helping voice artists to earn better and showcase their talent, Voyzapp has been featured in Cinema Plus, The Hindu’s Chennai edition as a tech powered platform where every artist is free to upload his/her samples. The article provides details about the hassle that the artists have to undergo via conventional voice over process and how Voyzapp is helping artists to grow globally and grab new projects. Also, Voyzapp’s Escrow payment mechanism has ensured quick and secured payments to both users and artists and this has also been covered vividly in the published piece.  Earlier too, Voyzapp grabbed eyeballs by being mentioned in top publications of the country as an emerging leading tech start-up of India.

So what is the motto on which this portal functions? Voyzapp is basically creating a ‘voice-over marketplace’, assessable to both artists and users. Voyzapp has thousands of professional voice artists/actors registered on the website who work in multiple languages and will provide you with the best quality recording at a rapid turn-around! If you have a specific tone, language or style in mind for your audio or are striving to get your message delivered in international markets, worry no more! You can give your audio a voice over in any language or genre, as Voyzapp provides a global talent base to voice artists.

Our native voice actors work globally and get your professional voice over recordings done at hi-fi, well equipped studios. You can login to the portal and browse thousands of samples in the search matrix to select the voice meeting your requirements. With numerous categories like documentary, audiobooks, IVR, advertisement and many more, you can easily sort your voice preferences to find the perfect voice that you are looking for. You can also review the artist’s profile and evaluate the costs and delivery time to hire voice over artist online, that too in your budget. With a rich global source of talent in voice overs, our voice actors offer you a range of styles in categories such as IVR’s, audiobooks, documentary and many more!

Find  professional voice over services  for your project. Visit Voyzapp today! Simply sign up and get started. 

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