Voice Modulation Techniques for the Budding Voice Actors

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  • 27-Jul-2021
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Are you a budding voice artist, looking for a quick read on how to hone your skillset? Look no further, Voyzapp here brings you the list of best practices of voice modulation techniques. But first, let’s talk about the voice itself. Our voice is made up of muscles, tissues, and nerves and except for our eyes, no other body part has more nerves than our larynx (the voice box). We use 75% of our body while speaking, and we can voice in more than 300 different pitches. Well, enough with science stuff, let's get to the topic.

A professional voice actor is expected to have different modes and moods in his voice, which can only be achieved through voice modulation. Voice modulation is the technique of controlling, adjusting, and making necessary changes in your voice while speaking, like moving from high pitch to low or fast to slow, etc. For this, one needs to have a good range in voice and tonality. Without modulation, the voice is going to sound monotonous and continuous, and ineffective. We often get strained by speaking continuously or modulating our voices, well with a little bit of practice and voice modulation exercises, all is going to be cherries.

Now, what are the exercises and techniques for voice modulation? Well, here you go:

Start with a warm-up: like every other exercise, you need to warm up your vocal cords before you start working on your voice.

Running through scales: you can go either for the Indian scale (sa re ga ma) or the western scale (do re mi fa), just running through scales will loosen up your voice muscles.

Practice being loud: read books, magazines out loud, don’t let your voice creak when you get loud, with practice you can make it to perfection.

Change the pitch and pace: while reading books or scripts bring variations in your reading style, like going loud to soft, fast to slow, etc.

Try breathing exercises: long inhales, expanding your abdomen and holding it for few seconds (10-15) then exhale, this increases the use of your diaphragm.

The hissing: inhaling a lot of air than exhaling it from your mouth while making a hissing sound, this exercise is used by most of the voice actors and even singers.

The humming: humming is well known, just hum a song while going up and down on pitch scale and combine it with your breathing.

Lip trill: taking a full breath in and exhaling as if you are blowing bubbles, your lips will vibrate when air passes through them. This helps you to have a clearer voice by bringing your vocal cords closer.

Mimicking: we all have our favorite characters right, try mimicking their voices and the style of their speech, this helps in increasing your vocal range.

Reading poetry: reading and emoting poetry can bring you a better sense of emotion and is a good technique for modulating your voice through different emotions.

Tongue twisters: among other things you can practice on tongue twisters to sharpen your voice and make your pronunciations clearer.

Practice pauses: pausing is as important as speaking. Knowing when to pause is a skill in itself. Pausing and emphasizing can make your voice more impactful.

Recording: always record your voice and play it back to yourself, listen and note down the areas you need to work on, this is going to mark the areas which need more focus.

These exercises will help you improve the modulation of your voice and fill up the gaps that were left unchecked. Voice actors, sometimes, also need to take up acting classes to make their voice more suitable for the voice-overs, although it is not necessary. With the increasing demand for voice-over artists, the competition is surely going to get high. And in such a situation standing out with your vocal qualities is going to be a huge plus.

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