Videos on Digital Platforms – the best marketing tool of 2021

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  • 14-Jul-2021
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Did you know that about 80% of internet traffic is because of people watching videos? and it is going to increase furthermore. In the wake of the current world situation, people are involving more with digital platforms, and their preferred content type is video. People spend more time on digital platforms watching videos than reading texts or seeing images. Videos have certainly grown to be the favorites. These factors indicate that a mass consumer base can be reached by videos, and thus making videos the most effective marketing tool of 2021.

So, the inclusion of videos in the marketing style is a far-sighted approach and is termed video marketing. It is a process of strategic employment of videos by companies for various purposes such as product introduction, brand awareness, trust-building, etc. Although, it's not a new method it has shown to have a major impact in the marketing arena in the past few years. The customers seem to prefer watching a two minutes video about the products or services than reading a brochure. While visuals are the most critical aspects of a video, we must not undermine the importance of professional audio voice over artists who form the backbone of any video. Want to know how videos are a more efficient way of marketing? Here you go:-

Attention and Engagement:

People prefer to watch a movie based on a book rather than read the book. It’s a basic human tendency to be more inclined over an audio-visual source of information than plain texts. It is a fact that videos are processed 60,000 times faster than the written text by our brain. Not only that, but videos also increase audience engagement with the video as they get 1200% more shares than texts and images.

Memorable and Credible:

Hubspot says 80% of customers remember a video they viewed in the past month. Since our audio-visual memory is more effective, most people prefer visual aids while learning new things and 50% out of them prefer videos over other content types. You know most customers feel videos are more credible for product descriptions, and also it gains their trust, thus laying the foundation for sale. Videos can also be very effective in building the reputation and persona of the company. Given the popularity of videos, professional dubbing services have also gained a significant importance as most videos are being dubbed into different languages for ease of viewers’ understanding. 

Search Engine Preference:

Well, google has a soft spot for websites with videos and ranks them higher in organic searches. We all know what it means, it means a higher click-through rate (CTR) about 53%, and results in more traffic on the website. And because of this google thinks your website has more value to customers and thus increasing the overall ranking and productivity of the website.

Cost-Effective and High Conversion Rate:

Who wouldn’t like to pay less for more, right? Videos give you that flexibility. Creating a video is extremely cost-effective and easy. It not only gives a low-cost marketing opportunity but also a tactical way to measure its effectiveness. Yes, you can measure if your videos are getting hits or not, and can make adjustments accordingly. Also, it has been seen that customers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it. Hence sale! the main goal of marketing.

 An Aid to E-mail Marketing:

Videos serve as an aid to e-mail marketing by increasing customer engagement. A mix of e-mail and a video has a higher rate of reaching out and getting clicked, as it's easier to watch an explainer video than read the whole text. Not to forget videos are the best way to educate your target audience about your product. Video also possesses the quality of customer retention, as it decreases the unsubscribe rate significantly.

 Gaining Trust:

Apart from all these juicy qualities, videos can also help a business grow trust among the existing customers. As marketing is all about gaining the trust of your audience and converting them into your customers, live videos are a way to do it effectively. Other than live videos there are customer testimonials. These videos help you to generate more leads and make new customers. Many people are still not sure about buying things online, testimonial videos can be the sword piercing their armor of hesitation.

 So, you see how effective a video can be if properly channelized. With the dawn of this new decade, when everything is more fast-paced than ever, videos provide you the headstart. In this new digital era, marketing needs to be crisp, precise, and effective, videos are synonymic to that. Videos provide you the liberty of creating things in your own way, there is no bar. With videos you have infinite possibilities, for instance, you can make an explainer video or an animated video. You can even recycle them with different versions and variations. Hence, in 2021 where everything is moving online, videos on digital platforms are definitely the most adept tool for marketing.

Voice is one of the most critical components of a video and as such, a quality voice over is a mandate for the success of a video. If you are looking for professional animation video voice overs for your video, you may logon to and browse thousands of professional voice actors. Voyzapp – largest voice over agency in India provides a simple platform to customers looking for voice overs – customers can simply search for voice actors, view profiles, listen to voice samples, compare prices and hire instantly!

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