Using automated voice calling for your marketing? Don’t miss these key tips

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  • 03-Jul-2021
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Whether we receive the calls or we are making a call for marketing, it is almost impossible that we have not interacted with an automated voice calling system. With an increase in operations and settled culture of satisfying customers over call, there is an immense increase in commercial call traffic. Hiring people for all calling requirements gets out of budget. It also gets difficult to manage the operations efficiently without automation.

 An automated voice calling system helps to maintain professional quality in business calling and retrieving accurate data relating to the calls. Automated calls facilitate the management of unusual call traffic on higher call traffic days with the same efficiency. It is becoming the best choice for startups and growing business houses as it helps mass marketing campaigns. Advanced tools and systems in the market require no additional investment to install an automated calling system. It only needs a planned implementation. Automated voice calling helps in customer service, market research, post-sales follow up and so on.

 If you are also planning to install an automated voice calling, then our tips can help you.


Keep the support 24x7 and provide the option to trespass automated calls.

 If you are using an automated call system, do not restrict it to business hours. Keep the support open 24x7. If the customer is unsatisfied with the automated call and wants to talk to the executive beyond business hours, program your system to assure the caller to expect a call back the next working day. In both scenarios, give an option to the customer to call and register his concerns or requirement. 

It helps in strengthening the ties with the customer. He does not feel that his call is not valued when answered through recorded mode.


Know your customer and their languages.

If your customer speaks Gujarati while the prompt was recorded in English, how will you establish the communication lines? Invest some time to know your potential customers and record the prompt in the languages to cater to the maximum customers.   


If you are using an IVR calling system, keep it hassle-free.

IVR is an integrated approach to integrate the customer call with other business operations for intensive automation. IVR may not be a requirement for a small setup where a simple automated calling option is sufficient, but as the business grows, IVR helps in smooth operations.

If you are using IVR, always check the connecting lines of all the input options assigned in your IVR system. Try to create a simplified IVR system. Your IVR should not lead to any separate lines as it will break a potential customer’s trust in your brand. Try to take the input for the reason of call initially and suggest further options accordingly.   

Employ experts for creating the IVR system if you are attempting to use it in your business. It can also cause failed leads if not implemented in a simplified and efficient manner.


Program the system to queue up the call and repeat the prompt if invalid input is received.

Every call is crucial for the business, and proper management of missed calls is also necessary. Program the system to cue up the call on hold. Attach voicemail server to record the missed call details or customer voice messages for further response. It ensures that you will not skip any lead. Keep option to repeat the prompt if the system receives invalid input. Repeating prompt helps customer to listen the same again and understand for selecting valid input.


Do not give the impression of robots handling the business.

Automation is a good thing till it is helping in better management of the operations. When things are concerned with customer interaction, we cannot undermine the importance of empathetic terms that boosts customer relations. Always try to record the messages with a professional voice artist and not in robotic pre-recorded synthetic voices, just like we do work with the help of machines to make our life easier; but, we would not like talking to them in our struggles. 

Choose your voice actor judicially. He should be able to record the script as he is talking to the caller. It sounds like a challenge but not impossible if you approach a professional voice-over agency.

If you are looking forward to setting up an automated calling system, do not miss #tip5. To hire the best voice artist, reach us at Voyzapp assure you the best of the services. You can select the artist after scanning the voice samples on our site. If you are in a hurry, simply let us know your requirement, and we may shortlist the best candidates for an audition.

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