Tips to create a strong and impactful voice actor profile
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  • 25-Aug-2021
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Are you a budding voice artist? Are you looking for a great place to start or boost your career?

If you have a passion for voice-overs or other forms of voice-acting, then this is a must-read for you.


Because VOYZAPP has brought you the opportunity to ease up your hustle and get a chance to showcase your talent.

Voyzapp is India’s largest voice marketplace, providing voice over related services in multiple languages, dialects, and accents. It has a vast network of professional voice over  artists and works with many corporate giants of the country.

The pioneer voice market Voyzapp is dedicated to bringing the best voice talent out from the shadows and giving them the exposure they deserve. It has created a free online platform - where budding voice artists can sign up, create a profile and get work to start and build their career.

What you have to do is create an impeccable voice artist profile on  And this article will tell you how.

Registration, login, & Introduction: To begin with, go to and sign up as an artist. After filling up the details, you will get a confirmation e-mail to activate your artist account on the website.

Log in with the same credentials to start the process of creating a top-notch profile on; your dreams are just a few clicks away. The first page is about personal info; here, you introduce yourself to us, filling up basic details, your name, your profile picture, etc.

The real work begins here; in the next step, you have to create your artist portfolio, but do not worry, voyzapp has sorted it out and made it easy for you.

Voice Portfolio: In this section, you provide details about your voice profile. While filling up the voice portfolio section, be very cautious.  It has multiple sub-sections, which allow you to create a detailed voice profile and provide us with accurate information. Voice portfolio is very crucial to your voice-artist profile creation, so fill in the details carefully. Remember, you can choose more than one category in every sub-section, depending upon your capabilities.

  • Language: In the language section, you fill in the language you got command over. Suppose you are proficient in more than one, select all of them. Then choose from the multiple dialects and accents of the languages you specified in the above section.
  • Recording Set up: Here, you provide details about the recording set up you work with, be it a basic home recording set up or a fully furnished one, or go to a recording studio etc.
  • Voice Ages: You also tell us the age modulations your voice can perform; for instance, you can sound like a child or a teenager and sound like a full-grown adult or an older person. The age for which you can record are grouped as:

Child (5-10 years)                                   Middle Age (34-50 years)

Teen (13-17 years)                                   Senior (50+ years)

Adult (18-34 years)

  • Voice Styles: Specify the voice styles you are good in, like being aggressive, amusing, animated or annoying, etc., with your tone.
  • Categories you want to work: Here you tell us your area of preference; would you like to work in explainer videos voice over or radio or audiobooks, TVCs, etc. Well, whatever your preferences are, let us know.
  • Role Preferences: You can tell us if what all roles you can handle as a voice actor, like voicing an action star or being an announcer, or maybe you like to voice characters.

Price, Delivery time & Availability: Now is the money part. Here, you tell us about the price for your voice over, the time taken for delivery, and your working durations. We have defined sections for all these, which are:

  • Price for voice over
  • Time taken to deliver the recordings
  • Your Availability for work, which includes- 
  1. Days you work
  2. Working Hours

You can even specify if you work on Sundays or not.

 Voice Samples:

Now you get the chance to blow us with your fantastic voice talent. At this point, you upload your voice demos, whichever you think are the best representatives of your talent. You can upload multiple audio files showcasing your language command, modulations, and other skills. Remember to present us with the best you got.

While uploading voice samples, remember to upload files showcasing the different language/category combinations you have mentioned in the voice portfolio section.

Equipment & Experience:

Then some small details about your familiarity with voice-over equipment and functionalities. Like the mics you use and experience with DAWs, etc. Also, here you can tell us about your past work experiences if you have.  No worries if you are new to this world; we will help you get off the mark; we appreciate talent and quality.

Well, now your profile is created. Our experts will review your profile and you shall be eligible to get works related to your preferences once your profile is approved. Keep honing your skillsets and checking your inbox and mobile because you are very close to your next big project with us.

Voyzapp is an online voice over marketplace leading the way of the voicing industry. We provide voice-related services in multiple categories and genres. We invite you to explore our vast collection of demo reels and choose the one you think fits your need the best. If running short on time, send us the project details. Our voice experts will select few voices that are most suitable for your objective.

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