Sonic Branding - Why every brand need this today?

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  • 08-Sep-2021
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Sonic Branding is a holistic approach to a brand’s use of sound and music across all touchpoints.

Sonic Branding is developing a strategy to use an auditory sound experience related to your brand. It encompasses the identity, characteristics, and message of your brand into an acoustic set of components. Sonic Branding builds a brand using sound and music that aligns with your brand features in a unique way that develops a greater connection with your audience. It is a powerful tool to overcome the cultural and linguistic boundaries making your brand recognizable everywhere around the globe.

We have an automatic emotional response when we hear a particular tune. From supermarket beeps on the counter to our car’s sound when we lock it, sounds and experience emotional response surround us. Sonic Branding focuses on creating a single tune or a jingle that represents your brand. For example, the Nokia tune, or the Windows tune, are the true representatives of their brand. It does not matter where a person is attentive to the tune; they will recognize the brand as soon as it is heard. Therefore, though sounding very simple, Sonic Branding is crucial and carries a lot of weight for your business. Both music and a professional voice recording are an integral part of a sound/jingle that represents a brand.

A gripping sound, just like your graphic logo, sets your brand apart from the rest. Sound induces emotions, increases brand recall, and creates greater customer affinity by affecting different senses. Through careful considerations and an imaginative approach, your business can have a sound that resounds with your customers. Sonic Branding is essential to your business because:

  1. Enhances attention to your brand: Sonic Branding grabs the attention of your audience and makes them recognize your brand. With so much information and an overload of content in the marketplace, getting attention is quite tricky. Adding sound to your branding strategy can provide the edge you need to get the audience’s attention. The best part about sonic Branding is that it affects the audience’s subconscious and does not require them to pay attention. Logos or videos need the viewer’s focus. In contrast, sonic logos affect the audience even if their focus is on something else.
  2. Brings Loyalty: Sounds affect our emotions, and that’s period. With the right sound or sonic logo, you can break into the emotional part of your audience and book the loyalty and commitment for your brand. As sounds influence us in many ways, a perfect sonic logo would easily become a daily hymn of your customers’ life.
  3. Greater Brand Recall: Now when you have the attention, you would also want your audience to remember you. Among other identifiable things, such as logos or pictures, the sound is the most effective one. It has been seen that sounds trigger memories quicker and results in better brand recall. Choosing your brand voice or sound is as important as designing a perfect brand logo.
  4. Communicating the Brand Message and Values: Sonic Branding resonates with your audience at an emotional level. It creates an accessible medium to communicate your brand messages and values to your audience. As sound and music are expressive, your audio identity can effectively deliver complex ideas. Also, it allows you to tell your audience what you stand for and what you want to bring to them as a company.
  5. Enhancing your Personality: Sound has the ability to humanize your digital existence and make it more attractive to your customers. Since we live in a digital world, we are dependent on social media and websites, and there is a lack of in-person interaction. The right sonic identity can act as an emotional vehicle, connecting you with your audience and making your appearance more than just any organization out there.

Sonic Branding can fixate your brand into the minds of your audience – maybe for a lifetime. The process of sonic Branding requires a lot of effort. You need to develop an original sound that incorporates your business attributes and perfectly represents your brand. Although it asks for time and effort, the results of sonic Branding make it worthwhile.

Studies have shown that planned sonic logos can help companies to make their brands more recognizable. Customers identify your business much faster when they have sounds and music to associate with your enterprise.

Science suggests that Sonic Branding is essential in building an emotional connection with your target audience. However, Sonic Branding is not only limited to emotional marketing. Apart from relationships that a business can have with Sonic Branding, a great sonic logo is essential for a world that is moving into more sound-based exchanges.

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