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  • 02-May-2020
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From commercials to IVRs to brand promotion and announcements, voice overs are everywhere! Marketers know that audios add engaging elements to any content or script and also understand the power of a captivating voice. The voice over that you choose literally becomes the voice of your brand. Therefore, choosing the right voice over artist is the most important decision to make in the creative process.

A ‘right voice’ can help you to reach your content to a wider user base. A professional voice actor will ensure that the voice understands the intent behind the brand’s message and will be able to deliver it just the way you want it. You must never doubt the competency of a ‘skilled voice over’.

  1. Understand your audience: Okay, so you have your script prepared and are well versed with your product. But what about your audience? Understanding the needs of your users is the first step to know to whom you are talking to specifically. Before selecting any voice artist for your job you need to do a comprehensive study of your audience’s preference and demographics.
    1. Native voice talent: People resonate better with the messages conveyed to them in their regional or native language. It is always better to go with the voice artist who is an expert in the native language to foster a good emotional connect with the target market
    2. Choosing the right accent: If you want your voice over to sound more convincing and relatable, select the voice actor who has the right accent. ‘Foreign accent’ may lack the friendly approach, hence it’s better to have the right accent to make the experience memorable and engaging
    3. Age and Gender of the audience: You have to be specific about the gender and age of the audience to make your campaign geared towards male, female, gender-neutral, elderly or teenage audience. Remember that people perceive the same voices differently, hence it is better to take all factors into account before selecting the voice for your campaign.
  2. Hire professional voice artist: Now that you have understood your audience better, it is time to select a brand voice for your campaign. Voice actors can make or break a brand image, hence it is important to select the actors wisely before hiring them. While you need to listen to various voice samples or ask for a demo of numerous voice artists to make your selection, you should also ensure the following:
    1. Voice Clarity: Poor quality or unclear voices create confusion and may tarnish the message you want to send out to your customers. The voice actor should have confidence and clarity in his/her voice and each word must be audible throughout the script.
    2. Pronunciation: Clear pronunciation and enunciation of words help the audience to grasp the content easily and process it better.
    3. Tone: While selecting the voice over artist, choose the tone that evokes the appropriate emotion and feel in the listener. This will help to persuade the user to take a quick call-to-action!
    4. Understanding the context: If the voice artist does not know the context behind the message and is unaware about the terminologies, how will he/she breathe life into the content? You should ensure that the artists have complete idea about what and how to deliver as they are the bridge between your brand and the listeners
    5. Control on voice and consistency: A professional good voice actor knows how to control his or her voice; importance of voice modulation and right pitch, volume, and inflection.
    6. Details are important: If you hear something you like, you ensure that you are paying details to voice characterisation, narration speed and pacing. The voice artist should be conversational, relaxed and confident during voice overs and should have the ability to deliver a good performance, every time.

So, in the end it all boils down to selecting the right voice actor whether for English or Tamil voice over and hiring a professional talent to do your job. Believe it or not, professional voice artists can help you to save more money by delivering the job right in one go, saving you the time and money on reruns and low quality fixtures. Whether you are looking to have animation voice over or a voice over for your documentary or a commercial movie, the significance of a professional artist cannot be undermined. A seasoned voice talent will provide you the highest quality recording and will understand the nuances of your project by providing authenticity to your brand. By getting a good quality recording post production you can be assured to protect yourself from the additional retake and editing costs.

Also, ensure to keep the contact of the artist even after the job is over as you might need them in future. People form an emotional connection with the voice and relate it instantly with any brand and the voice artists can help to represent your brand in the long term.

If you are searching for quality and experienced voice artists for your brand or campaign, Voyzapp, a leading voice over agency in India, can help you to find that ‘perfect voice’. Voyzapp hosts thousands of professional voice over artists on its platform who work in multiple languages and dialects across numerous categories. You can easily browse the samples of these artists, review their profile and select the one that fits in. With the option of comparing the prices and delivery time of the artists, you can be assured to adjust everything in your budget. Also, the support desk works 24*7 to help you with your queries.

Explore your options carefully while making the choice to hire the voice artist. Undoubtedly, the perfect voice is out there just waiting for you to take the right decision.


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