Rejuvenate Your Marketing Video Campaign Through Professional Voice Actors

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  • 19-Oct-2020
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To save themselves from losing out from the competition, brands these days are pushing boundaries and thinking about new ways to use the technology. With the increasing usage of voice overs in marketing, now is the time for every brand, big or small, to hone its unique skills and portray them via audios. Reaching out to your target audience through voice-enabled campaigns can help to improve your marketing tactics manifolds and voice overs can strengthen your online video advertising message. Any form of marketing video will require professional input for each aspect of the video, ranging from the creation of the storyboard through to the animation and the voiceover. Using a professional voice over artist for your video will make it possible to bring all of these things together easily and efficiently.

  1. It gives your brand credibility: We’ve been listening to voice over for a long time now: on the radio, in advertisements, in televised sports, documentary films, and movie trailers. We’ve developed a sense of trust in what we hear and come to anticipate it when we see any audio-visual piece.
  2. Serves as an aid to visuals: Any content that may be left out on the visual side of things can be replaced with a voice over. It fills conceptual gaps and allows you to explain details that may be harder to express visually. When your voice over matches the visuals, it can even reinforce an idea you’ve illustrated and give it more power.
  3. Humanizes your brand: The tone of voice, the cadences it has, and timing all lend to give your video a personality. Whether you’re trying to give your brand an approachable, friendly element, or a professional and reliable quality, the right voice over can also make your audience feel spoken to and represented.
  4. Persuasive with the key to take action: A voice that creates trust not only is a benefit, but also essential in order to encourage a viewer to take the next step. By saying your call to action “out loud”, you have even higher chances of leading your potential customers towards the action you’d like them to take. Voice overs are also great tools to guide viewers through your marketing video.

A great voice over will, first and foremost, emotionally communicate what your video is about. Whether it’s a narrator telling a story, asking the audience a question, or rallying a community to a cause, the voice over should be passionate, clear, concise, and most importantly, important to the narrative. Therefore, one needs to find professional voice over agency in India to hire professional voice actors who can deliver quality recordings.

Quality Reads Start with Quality Writing

Just because a concept makes sense in your head, it doesn’t mean that it will come out as clearly when someone reads it out loud. Truly, the quality of your script will set the tone for how well the voice actor’s performance will go.

  1. Focus on your goals, topic, and takeaways when developing your script. It doesn't have to be fancy, nor does it have to follow a specific formula, but there are several key questions it should include to craft an effective video script.
    1. What's the goal of the video?
    2. Who is the audience of this video?
    3. What's your video topic? 
  2. To help hook your audience in a video script, use the very first few lines to introduce the narrator (the person on screen) and what the audience is going to learn by the end of the video.
  3. Keep sentences short and crisp -- I recommend avoiding compound sentences, if possible. By dividing your script into a series of short, bite-sized paragraphs, you set yourself up for a much easier shooting process when the time comes to bring your script to life.
  4. The ROI of your video marketing efforts is tied directly to how much your prospects learn. From a viewer comprehension perspective, just as important as the information you share is how you organize that information. Even the most insightful content is practically useless if it’s illogically organized.
  5. A script doesn't just include dialogue. If your video will require multiple shots, characters, or scenes, include these details.

If you are looking for online Advertisement voice over for your business, choosing to use a voice over professional will give your video the finish and finesse that can turn it into a real success. A voice over actor with a great reputation will have vast experience and may even have experience of working on stage or on screen. Whether male or female, it is important to find the right person for your explainer video because their knowledge and understanding of what is required will enable them to deliver. If they have worked on marketing and advertising projects previously then this will be a huge bonus to your project.

Your video will require creativity and precision as well as work delivered to the highest of standards. Therefore, understanding exactly why you should hire a voice over actor will make it easier to determine the best voice over actor for your project. Your message has to be delivered to your audience in the correct way, and a voice actor can set the tone through a voice over performance that communicates to your audience on every level. Their ability to follow a script and add in the emotion that you require, means that a voice over actor is always a good investment.

So, what are the reasons for using a professional voice actor for your marketing video?

  1. They offer versatility and range: A professional voice over actor will have the ability to deliver exactly what they promise so that they meet the needs of your video. Their versatility will mean that they will be able to listen to your directions and suggestions to help create the explainer video that you want. Listening to their demos via reputable voice over marketplace will give you an insight into their versatility.
  2. They offer authenticity: If a voice actor has an extensive background in acting in front of a camera or on stage, you can be sure that they will be able to offer real authenticity to your video. Many of them are experienced to the point where they are tried and tested and they have the ability to apply direction so that they deliver your marketing video message in the right way. Working with a talented voice over professional will make the world of difference.
  3. They have experience: Every voice over actor has to start somewhere but many have decades of experience which means that they have had to work to make a name for themselves and build a reputation. It is their livelihood and their business and so they have had to learn and improve through their experience. They may have started in the business before home studios were a common thing and this means that they know what people want just from their time moving around studios and meeting different people. They would have also worked on a number of different corporate videos throughout the years making it easier to relate to your needs.
  4. They will have a great recording studio: Behind their success is a recording studio that produces work of an exceptional standard. They will be able to add in effects and create a voice over that suits the needs of your video. A good voice over actor will have superb equipment that produces the best recordings and so, this makes it ideal for having files delivered electronically. When the time comes to choosing a voice actor, ask them to send a custom audition because this will prove that they have the system in place to do this efficiently.
  5. They will meet every need: Your marketing videos may cover a number of different subjects which requires a voice over actor who is versatile and diverse. A professional will be able to undertake a number of different projects that enhances your marketing campaign. Whatever the demand of the video, they will be able to add the personality and character to your video that you desire.
  6. They give your brand familiarity: It doesn't matter what product or service your marketing video is explaining, you will want your customers to relate to it and immediately recognize that it is you. People are more likely to remember words when they are spoken by a voice that is familiar to them. When it comes to marketing, this is important to understand because it makes it even more beneficial to use the same voice over for your videos. If your customers recognize the voice, they will recognize your brand and that, in itself, will help to drive up sales.
  7. They know your audience: One of the most important aspects of using a professional voice over is that they know how to target your audience with their voice. They can adapt and take on different tones so that the audience is gripped and want to listen, meaning that they give your video a personality that makes it relatable and that is what keeps viewers interested. While every single person involved in making your video is crucial, the voice over professional that you use is the one who brings it all together.

If you have plans to create a number of videos and blog posts to increase your marketing revenue, then you will want to build a working relationship with a voice actor that you can trust and call upon when you need them. This way you will see them as part of your team and that is crucial. They should be seen as being no different from your animator or storyboard creator because they also offer something crucial to your video. So, work with them, listen to them, and explain what you want and you will soon realize that they become part of your team rather quickly.

Where Can You Find a Voice Over Actor?

Wherever your voice actor comes from, it is vital that your organization selects one that is perfect for your needs. There are a number of ways in which a voice over actor can be found, but using an online platform provides access to thousands of professionals instantly. This kind of access and simplicity makes it possible for your video to remain on schedule and become a success.

At Voyzapp, clients have access to over 10,000 voice over actors in multiple languages and categories. In addition, since marketing videos can may be used in a number of countries and as such, require voice over performances in a number of accents and dialects – a company like Voyzapp is a great choice, offering actors who are multilingual and/or native speakers of foreign languages.

In conclusion, one can never go wrong when hiring a professional voice talent, whether for an engaging Podcast voice over or a marketing video. A voice actor is crucially important, offering much more than just a voice to ‘talk over’ a video. Professional voice actors understand what you require and what your video needs. Choosing the right voice over actor for your brand and project will provide the right touch of emotion and tone that will help to lift your video to a professional and appealing level.

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