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  • 18-Aug-2021
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Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, voice over is the secret ingredient your marketing strategy needs to mark its impact in this ever-changing marketing world. You wonder why?

Well, that's because voice overs are among the top-notch means to bond with your target audience. Voice overs give you a quick, easy and lucrative way to connect with your audience, engage with them and lead them to conversion.

You know what this voice over thing is all about, but did you know voice overs have the power to grab attention? Well, that's true, but it is not limited to that. Voice overs can be compelling and persuasive and lead your target audience right to your call to action.

Now, let us spill some secret beans here about voice marketing. While most brands use voice overs for radio ads, podcast ads, and sometimes for OTT and TV commercials, they fail to understand that voice overs should be integral to their marketing strategy. And that's a huge slip-up.

To integrate something into your marketing plan, you need some more validation points to be sure about it. Right you are, as you would be allocating budgets and sanctions for it, you have to have some more factors of consideration. Well, Voyzapp is here to guide you through and help you come out of this dilemma.

Why consider voice overs for your marketing strategy and include them in your marketing budget allocation?


Voice over plus videos equal to the greatness of ads:

Most brands use videos for advertising. Videos have proven to be phenomenal in this new digital era of marketing. But the impact of your excellent video is greatly hampered if it lacks proper voice over. A suitable voice over puts more effectivity in the video ads and creates more engagement with the audience. Accordingly, hiring a voice actor for your video is as important as hiring a creative video developer. Also, there is a trick that clever marketers use, create a video and combine it with different voice overs. This trick helps them to reduce the cost of different video productions for different segments of the audience. So, you see, to improve the overall impact of your most favored advertising medium, you need to be considerate about voice overs. In case you already have a video ready in English language, high quality dubbing services can be of value to you, as you can target a bigger customer base with the same animation cost.

Sonic Branding:

Sonic branding refers to the use of sounds, music or voices to bring a unique identity and recognition to your business. Having a voice that suits your business helps you congeal your branding, like using a soothing voice for yoga brands or some deep fine voice for some premium car company. Since your customers get used to that specific voice and associate your business with it,  your video ads would be more familiar to them. As the voice gains acquaintance among your customers, your brand starts to seem more reliable and trustworthy. You gain more customer loyalty and stellar engagement with your business.

Tell a story to connect and convert:

All the successful businesses utilize impeccable voice overs for this. The storytelling voice over makes your customers humanize your brand. Effective voice overs make them connect, engage and feel for the brand. Voice over gives your brand life and your audience to create a human connection. The story narrated in voice overs impacts the emotions of target customers; they feel closer to your brand. Even if you are making a product explainer, voice overs are vital in making your audience feel the need for your product. Once you induce an emotional connection, a potential customer is going to convert into a loyal one. But to drive the demand for your products/services and ignite that sense of connection, you have to include voice overs on your marketing to-do list. Storytelling, which is an important component of any great animation requires highly skilled animation voice actors who can voice your animation video.

Brands that follow the practice of including voice overs in marketing strategy tend to have more effective marketing campaigns. Allocating for voice overs helps you avoid any last-minute financial burden, and you evade a situation where you have to compromise with the overall quality of your campaign. Although Voice overs are often set aside, neglected or thought about at later stages, voice overs and voice-techs are the new age of marketing. So, it's better to apportion voice overs today and make them an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Allocating for voice overs allows you to choose from multiple options and explore the variety before selecting the ONE for your business. A well-planned voice over strategy enhances every aspect of your advertising campaigns. It provides a distinctive marketing effect on your target audience. So, next time when you budget for your brand marketing, let voice over have a seat on the table.

So, now when you have a clearer understanding of why you should not forget about voice overs while making your marketing budget, you need an excellent voice over service. Voyzapp, a top notch voice over agency, is India's most phenomenal online voice marketplace. It has a massive base of voice actors and provides services in multiple languages. It invites you to check out a wide variety of demo reels and choose the voice best suited to your brand. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with voyzapp.

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