How To Create Captivating Radio Advertisements Through Professional Voice Overs

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  • 08-Dec-2020
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While many think of radio as a medium used in the past, it still remains the platform that reaches thousands of listeners every day. Radio is one of the most adaptable technologies in the marketplace and radio ads continue to be an effective way to increase the sales and provide information to the consumers. With millennial switching to streaming platforms, radio advertisements have gained more relevance.

The goal for any business creating a radio ad, be it for 30 seconds or 60 seconds, that goal is to reach potential customers by introducing a new product or service. This all starts with capturing the listener’s attention. Catching the listener’s attention requires the right audience to be reached, but also a relevant message. This could be a new idea, a new product or service landing in a call to action.

To start, it’s well worth noting that the concept of radio advertising is always evolving. For instance, the advent of music streaming services and niche podcasts have rendered the radio spot more relevant than ever. From a small business advertiser’s perspective, an average 30 or 60-second radio ad offers a golden opportunity to tell a story, impact a listener on a visceral level, reinforce a brand’s identity and value, and usher forth a call to action.

So, if you are trying to take advantage of this amazing space by creating radio ads for your band enhancement and hire professional English voice over artists for Radio ads, here are five ways that will ensure that your advertisements are a success:

  1. Analyze your audience : Knowing the target audience is the initial step before creating any radio advertisement. Defining your target audience means that you can visualize exactly who you’re aiming your radio ad at. You can also make a list of the radio stations in your market and listen to each one to help identify your target audience. Visualizing your target audience on the following basis will help you to deliver the appropriate content, tone and pitch to them:
    1. Age group
    2. Gender
    3. Demographics
    4. Economical status
    5. Occupation
    6. Ethnicity
  2. Write a Great Script : A good script plays a pivotal role in radio advertising as you have only a few seconds to demonstrate your product. You need to make sure your script is engaging, descriptive, and easy to understand so that you can hire a professional through  quality and multilingual dubbing company. You have one chance to grab the listener’s attention and to make your script perfect, you need to trim out the extra information. The more focused and detailed your message is, the more you stand out. Your script needs to give the audience context that explains why your product or offering is special. For writing a good script, you need to pay attention to all the phrases and ads that catch your attention. Try to keep your tone natural and conversational so your listeners don't lose interest and switch to another station. Also, make sure your script includes good productions that make it visual, so that it is able to paint a picture in the minds of the target audience.
    1. Comedic Ads Can Really Win Over Audiences: A funny voice can go a long way, but be sure to confirm that it aligns with your chosen theme. Creating comedic ads is an art, but it’s worth pursuing for the way that it creates a memorable experience for your target audience. Just be aware that over the course of a long campaign, you may also want to tweak your message to keep it from going stale. A joke isn’t as funny the 30th time you’ve heard it.
    2. Use Problem/Solution Structure in Your Script: You’ve only got a few precious seconds to convince listeners why they should care about your message. Opening your radio ad by establishing a problem, before countering it with a convenient solution to said problem, is a handy way to give your ad a narrative arc in a brief window of time.
    3. Your Radio Ad Script Should Deal in Specifics, Not Generalities: The more focused and detailed your message is, the more you stand out. Specific message tells your audience that you’re an authority on the subject, and gives them context that explains why your product or offering is special. Be sure to zero in on your offer. Whatever it is, it must relate to the product being sold. A specific message will also help you later to hire professional Advertisement voice over artist for Hindi language
    4. Simple, but Powerful CTA: What is it that you want your listeners to do after listening to your radio ad? Whether it is to call a phone number, go to your website, or visit your store, make the point clear. Don’t make it subtle or indirect – just keep it simple. Remember, there’s no button or link that your listeners can click when it comes to radio ads. Most of them won’t even have the time to memorize a phone number, so you have to make it easy for them. If it’s a phone number, make sure it’s easy to remember. For links or URLs, the best way is to make it a clever, memorable name. A good idea is a domain name you can say in one word – – without any complicated characters. Don’t let your CTA slip by your listeners by having it run only a few times. The most important part of your call to action is to get your audience to act. Create a sense of urgency with special discounts or limited-time offers to make your ads more irresistible.
  3. Hire the right Voice Over Talent: Now that you have analyzed your audience and written a terrific script, you need to invest in a professional radio voice over artist who can breathe life into your script. Radio ad voices are natural, engaging, persuasive and conversational and the voice artist you hire should be able to connect with your script and understand the message you’re trying to portray. Radio voice acting requires technical vocal skills and years of training, hence a seasoned voice artist is required who can visualize your concept and animate it for the audience through their voice. While hiring the professional voice artist, remember to put careful consideration into your desired voice tone, accent, and style of delivery. Try to select a voice actor whose vocal style identifies with your brand image and mirrors your target audience’s preferences. Although a professional voice talent will be able to deliver you quality voice over recordings without much instructions, don't be afraid to redirect the artist, or ask for different approaches.
  4. Good Production Is Essential: Get creative! Use sound production with your imaginative script and voice artist to create an extraordinary ad for your listeners. To keep your audience hooked, you should only run ads that have the highest levels of production value. This will help you to stand out in a sea of radio advertisements. Don’t limit yourself and be as imaginative as you want to engage and entertain your audience for maximum impact.
  5. Higher Frequency And Right Timings: Repeated frequency of the radio ads are important to imprint the advertisement into the minds of the listeners. You have to ensure that the ad is aired multiple times so that you can reap the benefits. To reach out to a wider audience, the frequency of the commercial needs to be higher as running the ad once a week will not work. Also, try to stick to the prime time so that you can captivate the audience during the peak-listening hours. Just like a conversational voice over for Explainer video, a good Radio ad is bound to get the attention of the customers if one gets the timing right. Use different festivals, events and seasons to influence your creative approach and make the selling message even more captivating.

When it comes to advertisements, your intuition is not always the most reliable. Before launching a commercial, you have to make sure it works. That’s why you should always test your radio ads before going on air. Test it over and over again, noting which parts work and which ones don’t. Eliminate what doesn’t work and improve on what’s left. Here’s one of the best ways to test your radio ads – create two of them. Each one must use different scripts, introductions, and call-to-actions. Air them in two different time slots and only half of the time. Run them for a few weeks or months and collect the data to analyze which one outperformed the other. You can test out your ads as much as you like, trying out different ads to see which copy styles, voice over, and other elements are more effective. The resulting numbers from all this testing will tell you whether your radio advertising campaign is on the right track

A professional voice over agency India can help you to deliver vibrant advertisements through conversational voice overs talent for Radio and engage with your audience better. Voyzapp is an online voice over marketplace, where you can easily compare thousands of Radio voice artists and hire the perfect voice for your Radio advertisement!

Remember, a good radio voice over can help you deliver strong content that will reach your listeners every time and can maximize the success of the radio ad.

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