How Online Video Advertising Trends Have Enhanced The Need Of Professional Voice Overs

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  • 30-Dec-2020
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Video content is dominating the marketing world! Its power is unprecedented with more and more companies using it in their marketing strategies. Video today has become a highly effective form of content and its popularity has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of social media. Today everyone wants a slice of the video marketing action and to build an online presence through an engaging advertising video. The preference for video production for advertising continues to grow with consumers over other types of content, making persuasive Advertising voice over in Hindi and English vital to marketers and brands. The following are some big audio and video marketing trends that can help the marketers to stay ahead of the competition in order to deliver the next big video type at the right time:

  1. Crisp Video Ads: To fit the growing trend of mobile video and shortening attention spans in general, shorter videos have gained popularity. With people constantly scrolling and swiping, short video ads have become the means to capture attention within seconds on any social network, especially Facebook and Instagram.
  2. More Long-Form Video Content: While an advertisement is more designed to catch attention and deliver a quick message, content marketing through longer videos helps to provide value to a target audience, usually through being informative, entertaining or both, while tying into the brand’s message and product. These videos have become popular as they help users to learn more about a favourite brand through an entertaining or artistic motivation that creatively integrates a brand into the story.
  3. 360-degree videos: Smart devices and VR headsets are making 360-degree videos a lot more accessible. This form of video drives a higher purchase intent while simultaneously helping brands stand out from the crowd, that eventually help deliver greater ROI than traditional video formats while also increasing brand awareness and engagement.
  4. Personalized videos: Personalization is a huge buzzword right now and is something that marketers not only need to take seriously but also need to get right. Consumers today prefer to engage with marketing messages that are personalized and personalization can be a key strategy for improving the quality of the leads of any brand.

Being able to create a crafty audio-video ad can be vital to your success in this new age of digitization. These five tips can help you to get into the right frame of mind, make your marketing campaign conversational to gain the competitive edge, as well as yield the best results from your campaign and advertisement:

  1. Create a crisp Advertisement script: If your listener remembered just one key message from your ad, what would you want it to be? Choosing one important message, and focusing your effort on driving it home should be your aim while writing the script for a polished Audio-Video advertisement. Here are some important points to consider while drafting your commercial script:
    1. Know your audience: Ask yourself: Who, exactly, are you targeting? Who should be reading what you are going to say? Targeting the right audience is going to be crucial for the success of our ads. Make sure you know which audience you want to target. The more specific your messaging and target market, the higher your conversion rates.
    2. Understand the Purpose: The question to answer at this stage is quite simple: what will the audio-video ad do? Having a purpose behind your ads is imperative. And this purpose needs to be tied closely to your business objectives. Do you want to create awareness of brands, products, services, and ideas? Or do you want to influence consumers to take action and switch brands? Focusing on the benefit to the prospective customer and building everything around emotion can help your purpose-driven creativity to thrive and soar!
    3. Length of the ad: While the online streaming platforms have enabled advertisers to experiment with a variety of commercial lengths, having a clear, short ad will make it less skippable, without sacrificing the narrative or brand lift effectiveness. When listeners are watching your ad, it’s likely that they’re multi-tasking. Having a concise ad is exactly what you need to hook your viewers and convince them of your value proposition from the outset. So make your ad memorable by cutting back on the information that the listener has to remember. Make your ads short enough to keep viewers entertained and long enough to create a meaningful impression.
    4. Form Connection with the Audience: When you’re writing a script to hire professional voice actor/artist, one must know that the voice over artist only has a limited amount of time to deliver the whole read. You don’t want your advertisement to sound like the rapid chatter! Give time for the audience to mentally absorb what they’ve just heard and take action.
    5. Focus on retention: A great ad story should grab and hold an audience and the challenge is to figure out how to blend the story and brand successfully so that it gets retained into the minds of the viewers. As we’re all bombarded relentlessly by a huge number of other advertisers who are trying to do the same, it is the most difficult thing to do. This is why you must immediately provoke the listeners’ curiosity, imagination or surprise! You have five seconds, and then their minds will start to drift. Be bold!
  2. Create a storyboard: A storyboard is an illustration of all the elements that you want to include in your video. A storyboard functions similarly to an outline of a story; it is a shorthand version of the final product that you can use to plan ahead. It captures events, sets and characters that will appear in the video and tells who or what will be on camera. It’s major purpose is to map out the flow of the final production.
    1. Focus on the big idea: When creating a storyboard, it is easy to get lost in details. Be aware that there is a lot of distraction out there. So make sure you concentrate on the big idea before looking at anything else. When you got the main idea straight, you can come back for the details.
    2. Keep visuals simple: Visuals are the perfect way to communicate because they paint pictures in the watchers’ minds. By keeping it simple, you can later do the changes with less effort. It also makes the creative process of adding professional video subtitling services in multiple languages and hiring professional voice over artists lean, easy and flexible.
    3. Create a narrative timeline: Order the events chronologically to follow your story and prevent getting lost. Beside the chronological order, you should add parameters like the location and time when your story takes place.
  3. Use Conversational Tone: While crafting any audio-video ad, relatable voice overs can convey and strengthen the brand image. Add a conversational voice factor to it and voila! You have the best ingredient to turn your commercial to success. As a social being, humans like listening to friendly people, who speak clearly and in an empathetic manner. This has never been truer in modern times, when the conversational voice over reads are dominating the advertising space. The sound of the human voice always carries intent and meaning with it and is therefore used by organizations in commercials to promote their product or services. Whether you broadcast your commercial over Facebook, Netflix or Youtube, voice-overs serve as a powerful medium of eliciting a broad range of emotions. A ‘right voice’ can help you to reach your content to a wider user base and will understand the intent behind the brand’s message. Most seasoned voice artists have their professional home studio set up, and the right equipment to produce top-notch recordings. You must always take the following considerations before hiring the voice that resonates with your commercial’s message:
    1. Context clarity: The confidence of presenting any product or service to the listeners can only be achieved if the voice artist understands the context and requirements of the script completely.
    2. Voice quality: It's tough to understand what an ad is conveying if the voice is not clear and crisp. The voice narration must be of pristine quality and overall likeable by the listener.
    3. Technical Knowledge: There's a lot to voice overs than just 'voice'. The artist must be able to understand the tone of the script, the flow and modulations and voice inflection to deliver a quality voice over.
    4. Language proficiency: The right pronunciation and enunciation abilities are essential while delivering any script. The artist must also know when and how to use accents and should be able to identify with the native audience.
    5. Voice Acting:Some scripts may demand the voice actor to play multiple characters and the artist must be adept in doing character voice acting according to the needs of the advertisement and deliver quality voice over recordings.

Once you have your voiceover and footage, it’s time to head to the editing room and refine your video ad to perfection. While cutting a video can be a process, always remember the core message of the video. People respond to well crafted messages that get right to the point. Also, choose your music carefully and pay special attention to your video speed and momentum to create ads that people will watch all the way through.

Hiring a professional voice artist is always recommended while recording your audio-video advertisement to enhance the overall reach of your brand. Seasoned voice artists can engage the listeners better and provide credibility to the narration. Voyzapp is a premium voice over dubbing company India that hosts thousands of professional voice artists who can provide quality and cost effective voice overs in multiple languages and accents.

The opportunities of audio-video advertising offers brands new ways to reach the audiences. Considering the effect of creative advertisements and the need of a professional voice over, audio-video  advertising can become a lucrative opportunity for your brand to widen your horizon!


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