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  • 22-Mar-2021
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In the world of massive digitalization, no corner of the world remains untouched by Information Technology, and all working sectors are dependent on digital media. Here, the Education sector also cannot take a back seat. It's high time when human brains are supposed to work in the digital world and get exposed to the digital platforms at an early learning stage.

The introduction of technology & digital teaching methods in the education sector was always a debatable topic for more than a decade. The argument against this was the presence of a teacher and not robots, emotional nurturing of kids, and knowledge. We cannot deny this factor that a good teacher trains the mind and nourishes the heart. Also, as they say, finding one good teacher is equal to finding 100 good books, which itself is not an easy task.

Despite all these for and against classroom teaching arguments versus online teaching, we cannot deny the radical change in the learning methods and tools over a decade. Imagine a teacher sitting in a village of India teaching excellent learning methods and inspiring his students to learn things logically. Now imagine that teacher's knowledge reach, which may not go beyond, say 500 km of his geographical boundaries in the best scenario.

It is evident from the presence of free online videos of teachers from all corners of the world explaining their subjects in the best and most exciting way. Forget students; even teachers are learning from other teachers in this manner. Digital Media has given the Right to Knowledge and Information to everyone in an absolute sense.

All the arguments against the Digital ways of learning took a back seat in the COVID pandemic, when kids started learning online globally, where schools and teachers who were not friendly with the methods; started learning to cope with the change. After completing their schools in the COVID year, students resumed their further learning with E-Learning apps and modules and saved their year.

The only drawback of such knowledge is finding a reliable source to ensure that one is getting the right and complete learning. To organize the online education sector, we need to launch some platforms that may provide knowledge in a well-organized manner and not in tidbits, and there came the term E-Learning modules. In this blog we shall discuss on the role of voice in an elearning module while also emphasizing the dire need for choosing an experienced and dynamic voice actor.

Benefits of E-Learning 

The most required characteristics of E-Learning Modules are the flexibility of time and availability of information anywhere at ease in a synchronized manner.

In the rush of life, people keep juggling to meet their goals, where getting further education remains the dream of many. With E-Learning Modules, people work professionally to meet their goals and study from professors abroad to fulfill their dreams. Knowledge enthusiasts are getting the best education from the best of the faculties around the world of their choice.

E-Learning Modules divide the information into different segments, and each module focuses on maximum coverage and assessment of that segment. It helps in self-learning and self-evaluation after completing each topic; thus, it acts as a checklist for the learner. Unlike following random teaching videos available online, module-based learning is more systematic in a way. It makes the user aware; of what he will expect to know after completion of the module. 

 Another level of advancement in this E-Learning is Quality voice over.

 E-Learning Modules and Quality voice over

Mere reading of the text can be monotonous sometimes, and our mind gets off. That is the problem of prolonged reading of a text or a textbook. That exact text was easy to absorb when a teacher explained the text along with the reading part, which is the missing part in the E-Learning module.

Studies show that interactive teaching has more appeal and binds the learner than plain reading. Here comes the significance of professional elearning voice over services, which makes E-Learning an interactive experience. It attempts to bridge the gap with classroom learning.

Voice over: A Choice or a Necessity

With the radical change in the learning way, online schooling is not a choice for many people, but it is necessary to accomplish their dreams or life goals to reach the peak of their career graph. Also, there is no set age or stage of learning today, nor is the fixed segment of what a person should learn. So people find online learning easy as whatever one wants to study, information is just a click away.

When online learning is not a choice, then voice over is certainly not a choice but a necessity to make online learning a more interactive experience. Also, what we listen to, is retained in mind for a long time than what we read.

So, technology didn't rule out that E-Learning can be successful only with a virtual teacher who reiterates and explains the crucial points while reading text and evaluating the focus regularly.  

If we hear the voice, reading a text with lousy voice quality, awkward background sounds, the user cannot extract or retain it. Professional Quality voice over services are required for this.

E-learning voice over is not new, but voice over services are more in demand with rapid development in online learning.

Voice over is a professional service where actors' voices should be free from emotions and interact simultaneously, and actors go under intensive training for the same.

There are many professional multilingual voice over agencies in India and apps, which find the selection of voice over artists difficult. Setting up a professional studio is a direct financial investment, but the best voice over artist's selection is a matter of expertise. It needs in-depth knowledge and experience of the field.

Scope of Voice Over Work

Voice over is not mere reading or voicing the scripted explanation of the document. It elaborates the additional information and also summarizes the text to the reader for better retention. A good voice over also describes pictures, diagrams, or graphs connected with the script.

The quality of voice over is not just dependent on the quality of voice or the studio. As movie's success depends on the script; similarly, the script's quality is an essential part of the voice over process. A good voice over agency assists in framing the best script to make it sound more explanative. The best way to test the script is to read out loud and hear the same.

While making a selection of voice over artists, the approach should be futuristic. We should consider the longevity of business each voice over can give, against the charges paid at present. Ominous voice over can ruin the entire purpose of E-Learning Modules.

The artist should start the project with a detailed discussion with the client to understand the purpose of voice over. It helps in matching the interpretation of the text with the conclusion of the voice over given.

A good voice over doesn't belittle the fact that teaching needs a human touch, and E-Learning cannot work solely on Robotics.

Quality of Good E-Learning Voice over Artists

If you have E-Learning experts in the field of education to write for you in your panel, then voice over artists can genuinely do wonders in fulfillment of your motives. Good voice over artists possess a good voice and have clarity of speech and consistency in their work. An artist should be tested for the pronunciation of difficult words and sentences before hiring. It may sound a little offensive, but a demo voice script may not ensure clarity of speech when complicated terms may arrive in mid of context, and you cannot change the artist in the middle of the work.

An artist excels himself in getting into the script's role. He is aware when he needs to be empathetic with the audience considering the toughness of the concept. He also knows well when to create humor to light up the environment and when he should get serious to bind the attention of the audience on the subject.

Voice over artist understands the dynamics of their target audience and performs voice over accordingly. They are equally good at their pace and know the script's delivery time, and do not rush in the end to complete the script on time.

Good voice over artists may be an expert in their skill, yet they should be flexible to listen to the client and modulate as per client instructions. No one interprets any text better than the person who creates the same.

It is further preferable if an artist is native to the target audience, as it helps the listener to connect better. A native artist can add more humor and correlate things to the target audience for their better understanding.

Remember: books are a treasure for lives to come. In this online world, E-Learning modules are the books, and voice over is the teacher for life. Hence, the best students deserve the best books and the best teacher too.

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