Creating an Ad? Remember Audio is as Important as Video

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  • 19-Jul-2021
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While walking on a busy road or in a mall you hear a tune and in a second you recognize the audio and the brand it is associated with. That is the power of audio, becoming a representative for the brand. Often neglected or paid least attention to by ad-makers or the brand itself, audios are of much more importance. Well-tuned audio or a dynamic audio jingle voice over could trigger the sentiments of the audience, making them connect more with the ad. A quick fun fact about the audio ads, they are consumed by the listeners as a part of free streaming. Now, this shows the impact audio has all by itself, then just imagine how it would impact when combined with other mediums of advertisements.

Did you know audios can have emotional effects on you? Not just a song or a jingle, a simple note going from major to minor can turn on the gloomy emotions or make you feel lonely and sad. On the other hand, upbeat or a little funky music could uplift your heart, and shoot you with a dose of happiness. Acoustic music has been seen to calm people down. Sounds or Audios do have that effect on us, it can make us feel energized and inspired or turn us into sad chickens.

Psychologically speaking, audios can even alter your behavior, from being a peaceful light-hearted person to an irritable one. Not only that, audios affect memories because the human brain uses the same part to process music and save memories, so audios can take us on a journey through time.

As most of us watch videos about almost everything, but we forget how important it is that the video has to be in sync with the audio for the complete reception of the message. We all agree on one thing that while learning something new we want to have an Audio-Visual or AV about it. Even research says, audio mixed with visuals impacts the audience at a higher rate and remains in the long-term memory of the viewers. Audios seem to drive the story of digital ads, it makes the story resonate with the audience, creating a higher call to action,

Still don’t see it, let’s see some stats that google (think with Google) has to offer regarding it:

(All the stats are in comparison to video only ads)

·        A good audio-visual advertisement is 1.6 times more effective in terms of creating brand awareness, making more people your audience.

·        A higher rate of ad recall (approximately 1.4 times) is observed for ads that have audio and video both.

·        Ads with finely placed audio-visuals bring a 2.9 times higher value to the brand’s credibility and consideration by the consumers.

·        A significant rise is seen in the overall performance of the brand ads, which have a good quality and well-modulated audios merged with videos. 

These facts can make anyone cautious about the audio they were about to use for the ad. Well, one must be very cautious and creative while making an ad, as sentiments are often affected by it. Ads are a way of communication, and for successful communication, an ad has to be precise, to the point, and must be delivered by an effective mode of communication. With an exponential rise in online engagement, the maximum number of audiences can be reached on digital platforms. This new digital era has boosted the marketing arena and has challenged ad makers to up their game. Therefore, the need for identifying the best and most fierce marketing tools is higher than ever.

The search is often met by creating a video ad, but video alone cannot become that weapon that provides an edge over the competition, that’s where the need for audio arises. Audio in itself packs the power to deliver a message, it’s the quickest and simplest way of communicating with your audience. This being the reason why big brands pour in a lot of money in creating unique and impressive audio for their products and ads. The whole purpose of advertising depends upon how impactfully it delivers the message and causes a stir about the brand. And that’s why audios are of huge significance while creating an ad, as it increases the flow and effectiveness of the video, making an impression of the brand over the audience. Accordinigly, getting professional voice recording services is one of the key launchpads to creating a successful ad.

So, the conclusion is video, despite being the more catchy way of advertising, cannot alone be trusted with the task of winning the customers’ preference. Audios are the device that navigates the video throughout the process making it reach its goal and hence bringing in more engagement with the audience. To connect, you need to touch the hearts, trigger an emotion, and audio is the best way to do it. So next time while creating an ad, pay more attention to audio.

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