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  • 09-Nov-2020
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Infomercials are one of the most effective ways to reach a large number of prospects, convince them of the value and benefits of your product or service and convert them into buyers. An infomercial is a form of advertisement which is aimed at educating the customer about a product or a series of products via television in the form of a program. Infomercial typically lasts longer than a regular advertisement and thus is more detailed. Infomercials have become a very efficient method of advertising for a variety of businesses. With a typical length of 15 to 30 minutes, Infomercials give you the time to explain your products in great detail. You can expand upon the features of your product and give your prospects a clear idea of how they will benefit from using the product. It allows companies to reach their target audience, distinguish themselves from competition and provide more information about their product or service by incorporating professional and multi-lingual dubbing services.

Why Use Infomercials?

There are many ways an infomercial can help generate success for your business. Here are a few:

  1. Increase sales as Infomercials sell products directly to consumers.
  2. Generate leads as these generate direct sales or bring the prospect into their nearest retailer.
  3. Products that might never see retail distribution are fast-tracked to the largest retailers once the infomercial hits.
  4. Build Relationship marketing with your prospects. Through Infomercials to encourage a purchase.
  5. Infomercials can function in the same way traditional advertisements do, by helping to create brand identity and helping to develop brands.

Steps To Create An Infomercial

The perfect infomercial is a balancing act between what the problem your prospective customer faces and how your product solves it. The reason to inculcate conversational voice overs to an Infomercial is that it leads a viewer to purchase your product while hopefully keeping them entertained along the way.

  1. Research The Market: The process starts with knowing your user or prospect. Once you know your customer you should be able to understand their needs and problems. This step will help to alert the user or prospect to a common problem by Illustrating the pain associated with their current state. A great infomercial always starts with researching the topic at hand. You simply can’t write or add voice overs to something you don’t know.  Once you are done researching, you should begin writing a comprehensive brief with your key takeaways. These should include your goals, product benefits, and information gained from your research. Usually, these start with some guidelines you receive from the company you are writing for. Then you are ready to start your script writing!: 
  2. Work on your script: The script is the foundation of a great video and is the building block for everything else you will do throughout the course of your Infomercial project. For this reason, it’s critical to get the script right to hire Educational voice over actors for Advertisements. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating a successful infomercial.
    1. Use Testimonials: Show-case studies of the product in use. Let your prospective customer visualize what it would be like if they used your product.
    2. Keep the story line simple: An infomercial shouldn’t be complicated and hard to follow. You are writing an infomercial, not a movie.
    3. Stay realistic: It’s ok to include an example where a customer has above average results, but try and include your average results as well. This is not only more believable but more ethical as well.
    4. Be repetitive: The truth is that not everyone will be glued to the screen while your infomercial is on. It’s ok to repeat your messages that are important.
    5. Read your script: Once you are near completion, read your script out loud. Record the reading and listen to it later. This way you can actively listen the first time, and identify room for improvement later. If something doesn’t sound right, trust your gut and change it.
    6. Keep your brand personality in mind: Are you writing a casual tagline? Does your company want to focus on a formal pitch? These kinds of questions will help you with the tone of voice and direction of your voice over.
    7. Call To Action: Don’t forget to include a clear call to action and also add urgency, if possible,
  3. Explain What You Offer Is Better: In this step explain the benefits of using your product or services and present plenty of social proof such as before and after images, testimonials, and offer guarantees that the solution will work for your customers too. Don’t just tell them, show them. Be sure to include lots of data and research to back up your claims. You can benefit from crafting a memorable tagline in this step that you repeat over and over.  Explain your offer and use words to encourage the user or prospect to take advantage of your call to action now. The best offers make a case that they are well worth the price but then add additional value, creating scarcity and a sense of urgency to buy now, and assuage fears with a guarantee.
    1. Add Value:After you explain how cheap and easy your solution is compared to other options, many buyers will be convinced to buy now. Generate some additional value by making your offer even more irresistible.
    2. Add Urgency: Good Infomercials will also add scarcity or a sense of urgency to their offer. Phrases like “Not available in stores” or “For a limited time only” will create a call-to-action urgency.
  4. Choose the right voice actor: Choosing the right voice over actor for infomercial narration often requires time and patience. Potential clients would probably have to be directly involved in making the choice. This includes probably devoting a good chunk of time to listening to voice artists read the text that is part of the infomercial. Still, there are some basic guidelines any potential customer can follow when making their choice to hire Advertisement or Elearning Voice Over Artist for Hindi language. They could include the following:
    1. Every voice actor needs a certain level of education and training. Of the two, the latter probably plays a more important role, because it is an experience that gives her/him the ability to get into the right tone of voice.
    2. Experience also plays a part in the capability of a voice actor to pick up as many diverse roles as possible. There, of course, natural talent plays a big part too.
    3. Different narration material requires both different vocal and acting range. The more of either role a vocal actor is able to play, the more suitable she/he becomes.
    4. Consistency with voice over actors means not only vocal quality and timing but also availability. More accomplished voice actors will probably be harder to get. The key is that they should fit into the client’s schedule, not vice versa.
    5. Clarity of voice is not just having a voice that could be heard loud and clear. Voice over actors have to “deliver believable results and true human emotion.” This is particularly important in infomercials, where believability is the key element.
    6. Choosing a voice over actor for infomercials or other services means listening to dozens or more of demo tapes. There, exceptional enunciation is a must. Yet another speech quality the potential clients should look for is articulation. The actor’s speech flow should sound natural and without injections of ‘umm’ or ‘uhh’.

Infomercials do not have such restrictive time limits as do ‘regular’ commercials. Since, as mentioned, they can last anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes, the voice actors need to pace themselves so that they can narrate the text within the designated time. At the same time, they cannot sound like word-to-word readers, but as if they are engaged in a conversation with the viewer/listener. Absolutely essential to a voice over success is the ability of the professional voice over artist to understand the brief, the target audience and the objective of the campaign. Hiring Tamil voice over actor/actress for Commercial or Documentary means that they must have the versatility, creativity and talent to bring the right spark into their voice. Understanding the experience of a voice over artist to see how many roles and types of work they’ve undertaken, can ensure that they have the capability to deliver your project with the highest quality possible. Always remember that the clear, appropriate, natural and creative delivery of your message helps to hook the attention of your audience from beginning to end.

If you are looking for conversational voice artists, you can easily hire professional voice artists from Voyzapp that offers professional voice over recording services. Being the top voice over company, Voyzapp assures that the audios are professionally recorded according to your detailed requirements, with crystal clear acoustics and a great voice.

Infomercials use a structure and technique that have been effective in selling products for years. They are effective because at each step, the prospect is taking small, incremental steps towards your solution. And a voice over actor whose voice the audience might be familiar with, will potentially have a greater reach than can spell success for your project!

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