An emphatic voice-over can make or break your video game. Pick wisely

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  • 02-Aug-2021
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The video game industry has seen evolution like no other and is still going under constant changes and advancements. From those pixelated arcade games in old days to these new high-definition cinematic ones a lot has changed. The video game industry is now at an all-time high and the need to deliver flawless work has never been so daunting. From graphics to sound, storyline, and voice-overs everything requires more than perfection. The high revenue generation by this industry has come with its challenges for video game creators. The competitiveness in the industry is so high that the smallest of the mistakes or lacking can wind up a game’s market. Such cut-throat scenarios make the selection of voices to narrate the story of the game or voice a character more crucial and difficult than it has ever  been. In such a situation it's always advised to seek professional help. Voyzapp, being India’s leading voice over agency, has a variety of video game voice artists who can simplify this tough situation for you.

The lead character of a game is performed by one actor, the motion, voice, and everything is done using performance capture. But other characters are more voice specific and the selection of a suitable voice is most important for them. This presents a challenge for the production team and voice actors, as the technical pieces of a game cannot be understated. Selecting the perfect video game voice actor for the right character is of great importance, you have to be more than certain about it. Every character of a game has a unique personality and so is their voice requirement, modulating the voice to meet that persona can be a tough nut to crack. You might have a budget of 20 voice-over artists but you have 100 characters to be voiced, so you should look for the best talents who can make your characters come alive with their voices. Acquiring perfect voice talents can be a time-consuming job, to avoid delays you can check out the sample voices of voice actors at

The production team should make sure to acquire professional talents that ensure high-quality performance promptly. Voicing for a video game is fascinating but requires huge efforts, therefore choosing the professionals who are up for such tasks is very crucial.

It requires out of ordinary efforts and skills to be a voice-over artist for video games. Several voice artists are out there, they all are good, but that does not mean they have the right skills to pull it off. Be it a male or female character, it takes a tremendous amount of effort and dedication to bring out a voice that is authoritative and expressive.

Voicing for video games is not limited to just narrations anymore, voice artists ought to have a style of delivering dialogue and make it resounding. Also, the volume, accent, and timbre of a voice artist are of immense value considering the nature of the game and cut-scenes. Here are few key points to be kept in mind while getting voices for the video game characters:

  1. When two characters interact with each other extensively, always prefer to have them voiced by different artists.
  2. When a voice artist voices two or more different characters make sure they sound as different from each other as possible.
  3. While voicing your leading characters, those with maximum interactions and dialogues, make sure one artist voices only one character.
  4. Leading characters’ voices are of utmost importance as they are recurring and paid more attention to, by the players as the story progresses.
  5. Providing voice artists with audio drafts, images, and stories of the characters can help them impersonate the characters’ personalities.

Hiring a voice actor online should be more or less like selecting an actor who can justify the role, as it is best to have an artist with an experienced voice and skillful craft that fits best for your video game. The voice of the characters is a way of creating connections with the players, if players connect, the game has enormous possibilities, if they don’t, they just switch it with a better one.

The most enchanting video games nowadays are played on various platforms. They have a very fascinating storyline and voices in addition to their build. That story is only told via an eloquent voice narrating in an impressive style. A captivating narration with a binding storyline is what players seek, so be very cautious while selecting a voice for your next video game.

If you are looking for voice overs for your video game and want to make it a big success, logon to and pick the best-fit artist. Voyzapp is India’s biggest voice over marketplace and has the largest platform of voices available in multiple languages. At Voyzapp, you can avail voice over services for video games, infographics, videos, and much more with quality and at a lucrative price.

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