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  • 14-Jun-2021
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Explainer videos for a product are a big hit these days. They are short videos explaining the product features and usage. They are placed on the landing pages and immensely help to launch a new product. Explainer videos serve as a budget-friendly promotion technique for start-ups, and they help a lot in creating the market.

An explainer video can be animated or non-animated video explaining the product features. It can also be a live telecast on social media pages like Facebook or Instagram. Live videos are risky as they can go wrong if the product does not perform well. However, if the companies are sure of the product quality, they connect with the viewers and help in gaining their trust. 

In any form, when an explainer video is placed on the right platform at the right time, a product sales graph can take a steep upward curve. This is why not just the start-ups, even the existing brands, are eager to put up the explainer video to retain the competitive edge over others. An explainer video usually would have a video with an audio and in some cases may include captions which requires professional captioning services.

If you are also looking forward to the information on the product explainer videos, let us share five essential tips to make them a big hit.

  1. You cannot afford to miss the script: The script is the key to the success of an explainer video. It should be a short and crisp, to-the-point script. If you think you do not have an expert, it is wiser to hire a professional scriptwriter who may understand your company, product and then put it up creatively and concisely. He should keep noting the product information and then start drafting the script based on that information.
  2. Use some fun factor: Avoid making the video a super-serious series of product information. Adding fun elements in the script or visuals may make the video entertaining for the viewers. As explainer videos are placed on the social media where people visit for their entertainment, they will not view the video unless it is entertaining and the product is of their utility. Try to understand your audience here to decide how you want to formulate your video.
  3. Don’t elaborate product features, stress on utility: Explainer videos are supposed to be short and crisp. This implies you do not need to waste video time elaborating the technical features of the product. Explainer videos are released to trigger the product’s trial by viewers before forming an opinion about the product and not for their technical comparisons. Emphasize the different usage of the product and how it can bring change in the user’s life. Viewers may not essentially opt to watch out your video, so once your viewers opt so, give value to their time.
  4. Use Professional voice-over artists: An excellent professional voice over artist can turn an explainer product video into a real success. An experienced voice-over actor will have immense expertise and may even experience working on stage or screen. Whether a male or a female voice artist, it is crucial to find the right person for your explainer video because their knowledge and understanding of what is required will enable them to deliver the right services. If they have earlier worked on marketing and advertising projects, this will significantly benefit your project.
    Therefore, always hire professional voice artists for the voice-over work. Voice artists are professionally skilled to attract the listeners to continue listening to their audio commercials only with their art of narration and can offer professional explainer video voice over services. If the voice artist is not selected wisely, a well-drafted script can be a failure. A voice artist can perform a regular script brilliantly with his natural talent.
  5. Publish the video thoughtfully: Once the killer explainer video is ready, do not get overwhelmed with the video. Keep the research of the platforms ready where you want to publish. Make sure you post the video where it gets the maximum number of views. 

Try to publish in the hours when the traffic is maximum on those platforms so your video may fetch the maximum number of views right after publishing. This works as the branding of the video itself.

We hope that you are now aware of the practical tips for creating an impressive explainer video for your product. So, start making the video and launch your products. If you are searching for a great voice artist for the voice-over in your video, you may contact us at Voyzapp – a technology powered online voice over marketplace.

Voyzappleading voice over agency in India, is an online platform to bring together the voice artists and the video makers searching for the artists. If you need further assistance, we may help in shortlisting the candidates for the audition based on your requirement. Our wide network of professional voice artists can fulfill your voice over projects quickly, and our financial transactions are treated securely that brings off the complicacy for hiring voice actors online.

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